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About Us

Apache Linux Hosting is a web hosting provider with the highest customer care orientation. On the other hand, having an extensively examined and well tested hosting platform ensures smooth performance of the products we offer. The mix of stable server performance and unparalleled customer care grounds leading position on the hosting market. You may also wish to:

Welcome Customer Care Mission

Every new client is followed-up with a welcome phone call by a sales representative to ensure client's confidence of choosing the right hosting provider by answering any questions you might have.

Data center infrastructure

Apache Linux Hosting operates clustered hosting platform between its two data centers in Europe and USA. This outstanding idea is the essence of the servers' stability and our steady position among the leading hosting providers on the world wide web.

Hosting Solutions

Dedicated to starting a revolution in the hosting industry Apache Linux Hosting produces all modules of our clustered hosting platform in-house. Everything starting from server monitoring systems to the user's hosting control panel is designed, developed and extensively stress tested by our experienced staff. This determines the intangible quality of our platform aiming to satisfy all client's needs.

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Computer Consulting

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